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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eyecatchers-12 : A Healthier Tomorrow by Arjun Jassal

Atoms, the building blocks of the universe, come together in diverse and complex arrangements to form molecules. These in turn join each other to build the world around us.

Everything, even the human body, is made of molecules. Although some of them are found in nature, others have to be designed and built for applications like medicines to new materials.

Dr.Goverdhan Mehta, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, has been awarded Gujar Mal Modi Science Award for 2007 for designing and building molecules.

He says, "Organic molecules are very important. They form important drugs, plastics, dyes and most lifestyle materials. All of them don't just fall from heaven, they have to be made. We are also working on molecules that could be used to treat cancer and diabetes. We are also concentrating on neuro-degradation."

Apart from this, Mehta also has been building long-chain carbon atoms that have symmetries and are not found in nature. As of now these molecules do not have any marketable use.

However, he feels that this will change with time. "That is the nature of research, if something is predictable it is not science; we would already know what it is", he adds.
(From "A scientist's bid for a healthier tomorrow" by Arjun Jassal, The New Indian Express, Madurai, August 11, 2007)

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