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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Letters-24: Use of Cell Phones'

1. This refers to the draft guidelines report issued by the Telecommunication Engineering Centre, which says the antennas of mobile networks and mobile phones could pose serious health hazards (June 17). A few studies have examined whether the prolonged use of mobile phones can cause brain tumours but there is no conclusive evidence to determine whether cell phones are safe or not.

While it is true that we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation even when we undergo X-Rays and CT scans, the exposure is infrequent and for a brief period. But we use our mobile phones frequently; hold them close to our ears and for long periods of time. (H.N.Ramakrishna, Bangalore)

2. If I can, I will make the world go back to the pre-mobile phone era. No doubt, the cell phone has many advantages – especially in conducting business and during times of crisis – but it has become almost a part of the body. It seldom gets detached from the ear, particularly of students. It consumes most of their precious study time at the cost of money and health. (V.Vijayendra Rao, Neyveli)

Courtesy: The Hindu, Madurai, June 18, 2008 (Letters to the Editor)
Grateful thanks to M/s.H.N.Ramakrishna, Bangalore; V.Vijayendra Rao, Neyveli; and The Hindu.

In this connection, it may be of interest to look up the following websites which furnish a lot of directly relevant information:

1. Wikipedia article, “Mobile phone radiation and health”:

2. Govt of India Warning about ill-effects of cell phone radiation from ExpressIndia.com:

3. Cell Phone Facts from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Govt of U.S.A.

4. How Cell Phone Radiation Works from ‘How Stuff Works’:

5. Information on Radio Frequency Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) values from Mobile Manufacturers Forum:
(Mobile phones emit low levels of radio waves (also known as radiofrequency or 'RF' energy) when being used. Governments around the world have adopted comprehensive international safety guidelines, developed by independent scientific organizations, governing the exposure to RF energy. Mobile phones are designed to operate within these stringent limits. In this site, the radiation level of various makes and models of mobile phones are furnished)
Grateful thanks to: (1) Wikipedia; (2) Express India; (3) FDA, USA; (4) How Stuff Works; and (5) Mobile Manufacturers Forum.

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