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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Facts and Figures-82: Largest Postal Network in the World

India has the largest postal network in the world with over 1, 55,015 post offices. A single post office on an average serves a population of 7,175 people. The floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar, was inaugurated in August 2011.

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Self-Improvement-151: HOW TO REDUCE STRESS

Dance it out.
Go for a Walk.
Talk about it.
Go to bed earlier.
Focus on what you can control.
Reminisce about good times
Ask for a hug.
Look for opportunities.
In life's opportunities, smile.

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A Thought for Today-679: Thomas Carlyle

It is great, and there is no other greatness – to make one nook of God’s Creation more fruitful, better, more worthy of God, to make some human heart a little wiser, manlier, happier – more blessed – Thomas Carlyle

Monday, February 20, 2017



1.      Read Books
2.      Lisen to Podcasts
3.      Take a course
4.      Practice Old Passions
5.      Get Feedback and Critique
6.      Be open to change
7.      Get around community (You become like the peole you spend the most time with)
8.      Work towards a goal

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Facts and Figures-81: Transfer of confirmed rail ticket

This is regarding transfer of confirmed rail ticket. Very good initiative by our Railway Minister Sri Suresh Prabhu.

1. A confirmed railway ticket can be transferred to your blood relations.

2. If a person is holding a confirmed ticket and is unable to travel, then the ticket can be transferred to his / her family members including father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife.

3. For transfer of ticket, an application must be submitted atleast 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the train to chief reservation supervisor with ID proof.

4. Government officials can transfer to other govt official.

5. Students can transfer ticket to other students.

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A Thought for Today-678: Paulo Coelho

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion - Paulo Coelho

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Facts and Figures-80: Galileo and His contribution to Modern Science

Galileo Galilei is The Father of Modern Astronomy. His contribution to observational astronomy was immense.  He was one of the greatest scientists of all time, notable for his use of the scientific method in finding out how the universe works.  He was born in Pisa, Italy, on February 15th 1564, the son of a musician. He was a promising, intelligent student  at the University of Pisa.

Initially he studied medicine.  However, his obsession with pendulums, a need to know how they worked and what forces caused them to swing with such regular precision, led him away from medicine. This study led to his first major discovery, that the period of a pendulum does not depend upon the arc of the swing.  This discovery fuelled further study, including the development of a pendulum clock.

He studied physics and mathematics of the Ancient Greeks, taking in Aristotle and Euclid. But he questioned Aristotle’s approach to falling objects. Aristotle believed that the speed of descent of a falling object increased with weight, a finding that Galileo felt did not match reality and one that he set out to test. He set up a series of experiments determining at what rate balls of different weight rolled down an incline, determining the position of the balls after a set time and noting that the rate was not related to the weight of the ball. In his text, De Motis, (On Motion), he announced his discoveries to the world.

In 1592, Galileo became a professor of mathematics at the University of Padua, where he made further contributions to mathematics, correctly calculating the optimum placement of oars in galleys by treating the oars as levers. He also designed other mechanical devices, a fascination that he pursued throughout his life. Alongside a pump that only required one horse to operate and shift huge volumes of water, Galileo made his telescope, in 1609. With this, he studied the moon and discovered that Jupiter had moons, as well as verifying the phases of Venus and observing a supernova. With all this information, he showed that the universe was not perfect, building upon the findings of Brahe and Kepler.  He also showed that the Copernican system was largely correct, in that the earth was merely a planet that revolved around the sun
Galileo Galilei was one of the most influential scientists of modern times, not just because of his use of the telescope and quantification of gravity, his contribution to the scientific method laid the foundations of modern science, giving direction to scientific research and moving it away from metaphysics.

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Self-Improvement-149: SUCCESS

See your goal
Understand the obstacles
Create a positive mental picture
Clear your mind of self-doubt
Embrace the challenge
Stay on track
Show the world you can do it!

A Thought for Today-677: Dr A P J Abdul Kalm

All birds find shelter during a rain. But the eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. Problems are common, but ATTITUDE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE - Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

Friday, February 17, 2017

Facts and Figures-79: Ptolemy, Father of Geology

Ptolemy is called the Father of Geology.