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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Journal-7: CARING AND SHARING, an e-Mail Newsletter

I am posting below my new venture, an e-Mail Newsletter, which I started on Dec.1, 2015:

Suris Newsletter, Issue No.1, December 1, 2015

Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality – Dalai Lama

With profound apologies I commence this new weekly epistle of mine.  Yes, I already have a Tamil newsletter, ok-ok, a bilingual newsletter, PARIMAATRAM (EXCHANGE).  The problem is as most of the content is in Tamil, I think sending it to my non-Tamil and non-Tamil-knowing friends would be pointless, if not insulting.  Further, how could I let a segment of friends escape so easily?  Hence this idea of a new all-English newsletter.
The little feedback I got for my Tamil newsletter is only expected; yet it is a little disconcerting too. I will have to guess that nobody reads it, almost. Probably finding time in this hectic life of ours is not so easy, what with the torrents and cascades of information explosion. Then what is the point of this second newsletter? Well, you will have to ask my ego; I already did, but got no answer. 

Ok, it could be a sort of exercise, like the physical exercise I do now and then. Maybe at some distant future it may find a kindred, kind and sympathetic reader.  It is true that hope is the lost thing to lose. I can vouch for it from personal experience, after having lost almost everything else.

Further, the Lord’s assurance in the Gita is comforting: NO EFFORT IS EVER WASTED.  Also, He says: DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR

I got the inspiration for this from Jane Hirschfield: “I have to discover, to experiment, to expand the perimeters of who I am and what I might find out about this shared world, its utterly implausible shapes and unknowable unfolding”(Thanks to The Writers Almanac by Garrison Keillor, Newsletter for November 30, 2015)  Why not discover what a consummate ass I am and how stupider I can get and find out something more about the confusing, confounding and complicated world of ours. Further, like Jane, I am curious about the UNKNOWABLE UNFOLDINGS.
And now, may the Lord protect you all, for I am going to bombard you with this missile of mine every week. The only escape you have is to pray to the Lord, if you are a believer like me or ask me directly not to send it.  Sorry, there is no easier UNSUBSCRIBE option.  You have time, seven days to be precise, to prepare yourself.

As for the title of the newsletter, it is a proof that Tamil politicians have infected us all with this disease – weakness for rhyme, rhythm, alliteration and that sort of word-play. I shall not be surprised if some fellow Tamil sends a terse feedback like: CARING & SHARING,  BORING & SCARING!.

God bless you, bye!



The Chennai Floods intervened and as all communication network got disrupted, I could not send this epistle as planned on Dec.1. 
Now, as for the floods, it was a harrowing and heartrending nightmare. Though personally we escaped most of the suffering and difficulties, vicariously we feel the agony and misery of other people who were actually affected, as we could see all that on TV and read in newspapers. It is well known that encroachment of waterbodies and poor planning were the major cause of this tragedy.  Inept handling of the situation by the civic administration  and their callous and careless attitude added greatly to the misery.  The role of voluntary organizations is praise-worthy and is the only silver lining in the cloud.  As for me, I can only pray for all the people affected by the floods here in Chennai and Cuddalore and also elsewhere in Tamil Nadu. I share their pain and agony.

Facts and Figures-76:

Half a lakh children out of school in Tamil Nadu, reports The Times of India Chennai.  Prevalance of child labour is the major reason.  For a detailed report: The Times of India, Chennai, Oct.24, 2014 issue, page number 5


Want to let go? Quit holding on.
Want to be more focussed? Eliminate distractions.
Want to be empowered? Quit blaming.
Want to be heard? Start co,mmunicating.
Want to be more grateful? Stop complaining.
Want more trust? Speak the truth.
Want more love? Be more loving.

A Thought for Today-667: Benjamin Disraeli

Nurture great thoughts;  for, you will never go higher than your thoughts – Benjamin Disraeli