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Friday, November 14, 2008

Letters-55: "Violence on the Law College Premises"

1. The TV images of the clash between two groups of students on the Dr.Ambedkar Govt Law College campus, Chennai, were spine-chilling. I have never seen someone beaten to unconsciousness. It is hard to believe that those involved in the violence are students; worse still, they are supposed to get justice for the common man in future. Police may not have the jurisdiction to enter a campus without the principal's explicit request. But common sense and humanity should override legalities during incidents such as the one that took place on Wednesday. - C.G.Senthilkumar, Sunnyvale.

2. It was shocking to watch policemen stand as mute witnesses to the violence on the law college premises. Of what use is a probe into an incident when the guardians of law and order - who can prevent it - watch as if they are helpless? If policemen cannot stop a criminal act taking place right in front of them, what is the need for a police force? - P.Balavinodan, Coimbatore.

3. The gory scenes of students clashing among themselves with logs and stones were rattling. The fact that those who indulged in the violence were students who were supposedly being groomed to become legal luminaries is indeed unfortunate. They should perhaps undergo a course on peace education before being taught law. - R.Sampath, Chennai.

4. The clash on the college campus is a pointer to the declining values of education. Once again the police failed, remaining a mute witness to the incident. - B.Arun, Palladam.

5. The police inaction is highly condemnable. One really wonders what is the purpose of posting a posse of policemen outside the campus was. The excuse that they were waiting for the principal's permission is unacceptable. - N.Ramakrishnan, Chennai.

6. The incident was a manifestation of caste prejudices. It was awful to see the police watching the incident like passers-by. - A.G.Rajmohan, Anantapur.

7. The sight of a student bearing the brunt of the save and brutal attack by a group of stick-wielding students was gruesome. Equally painful was the stoic inaction of the policemen on the spot. No law-enforcing authority can remain passive when brutal acts like place right under its nose. There can be no second opinion that those responsible for the violence should be dealt with strictly under the law. - V.Ganesh, Chennai.

8. It was shocking to see the brutal attack on college students by none other than their own college mates, right in front of the police. The government will have to explain to the people why the police did not act. Some officials have been suspended. But the right thing to do would be to terminate their services and freeze their retirement benefits so that such inaction does not recur. The students who indulged in the cruel attack should be punished severely. They deserve no mercy. - N.Manoharan, Coimbatore.

9. I strongly condemn the rowdyism indulged in by the students. The most agonising scene was that of the policemen who could have prevented the violence. The future lawyers behaved like thugs, venting their ire on an unconscious student beating him almost to death. They should be punished severely and barred from pursuing education. - Rajendra Kumar, Chennai.

10. One feels sad about the lack of discipline and tolerance among students. Politicians have succeeding in exploiting the student population for their ends. Using them as pawns, they have split them on the basis of religion, caste and other factors. They have also taught the students to indulge in violence, arson and group fighting. The result is what we saw on Wednesday. Although the police knew the trouble was brewing, they stood as spectators. Their explanation that they waited for the college authorities to permit them to enter the campus is unacceptable. - K.Venkataraman, Mumbai.

11. The incident raises many questions. Is violence taking over our lives? Is it becoming a way of life? How did the students carry weapons into the college? What was the college administration doing? Was it not aware of the brewing trouble? Why did the administration not call the police in? Who is to blame for this and similar incidents? Politicians who spread caste violence? Police who act only on instructions of higher officials or politicians? The education system? What sort of lawyers are we going to see in the next few years? Lawyers who fight their cases in court or settle cases by violent means? - R.Mohan, Chennai.

Courtesy: The Hindu, Madurai, November 14, 2008 ("Letters to the Editor")

Grateful thanks to M/s.C.G.Senthilkumar, P.Balavinodan, R.Sampath, B.Arun, N.Ramakrishnan, A.G.Rajmohan, V.Ganesh, N.Manoharan, Rajendra Kumar, K.Venkataraman, R.Mohan and The Hindu.

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